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Mike And His Brother Cover Nirvana

The sound-quality is this picture quality.

Here’s a quick clip of our bassist Mike Carlo and his brother Chris covering Nirvana’s “About A Girl” on GarageBand. Enjoy?

About A Girl cover- Mike & Chris Carlo

We’re Recording A New Album/Upcoming Shows

The key to a great album? Drinking plenty of water.

Hey guys. How have you been? We’ve been great; not that you were asking anyway. Why don’t you call anymore? Your mother’s worried sick and you know she makes your favorite lasagna on Sundays.

We’ve been hunkered down the past few weeks recording our new album with the always-classy and amazing Joe Pecora. If you are interested in seeing our baby be birthed in real-time (forget that mental image), head over to our Tumblr where you can read about us recording, see pics of us recording, and even WATCH us recording!

Also, just because we’re busy recording doesn’t mean we’re slowing down our party performing game. We’ve got a few shows already locked-in for March with more dates on the way in the near future.

3/12 – Local 269 in NYC @ 9pm

3/18 – The Delancey in NYC @ 9pm

Don’t forget, we’re also on Facebook, Twitter, Bandcamp, Myspace, Fetlife; Well, maybe not Fetlife…yet!

A Present From Les Vinyl

Merry Christmas!

You there, boy!
… or girl,

We don’t want to take up much of your time on this busy day full of feasting and family and fun and festivities and f-words, so we’ll make this quick.

Please enjoy this LES VINYL HOLIDAY SAMPLER: http://tinyurl.com/LesVinylXmas (mirror/alt link: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=XCAE8T2T )

It’s a selection of songs from our full length LP – Bright Gray – as well as, our EP – Nafia Mail. PLUS a very special ‘holiday version’ of our new song, “SIDEKICK.”

Please feel free to re-gift this. It makes a great inbox stuffer.

For more info please “surf” our website or check us out on Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/pages/Les-Vinyl/141457226032) and Twitter (http://www.twitter.com/lesvinyl). We also use morse code.

Eternally yours,
Les Vinyl


File-photo from Maxwell's show earlier this year.

We suuuuure hope so! Boy, are we happy to see you!

We just wanted to throw a quick update up here to say how much fun we had last night at Maxwell’s. We love Kevin Devine and the whole Goddamn Band and loved playing with them. Maxwell’s is the greatest place to play and we had a great time talking to and meeting new friends and fans. For everyone that signed the mailing list: HOORAY!! THANKS!! We will send out a mailing list email real soon with our free Nafia Mail EP, show dates, and other fun stuff. And then we’ll flood your inbox with porn every single day. Cool? Cool!!

Thanks again, ladies and germs (HAHA).

See you in the internet,
Les Vinyl (Jenny, Casey, Michael, Pat)

Some Updates Before We All Go Home For Thanksgiving

Clearly, performing on top of this giant turkey is our next logical goal. Vinylos, you have your orders.

Dearest Les Vinyl-ites, we have much news and information to share with you. First things first, what do you think of “Les Vinyl-ites?” It’s a little weird, right? We’re trying to work on a good collective fan name. I mean, even ICP has their juggalos, we ought to have Vinylos. Vinylos!

Ok, more serious business. We would like to seriously thank everyone who voted for us in the Deli Magazine NYC Band of the Month contest. If you were one of the many people who voted from your home, work, and friend’s computers, and then forced your friends to do the same thing, and then forced strangers at Starbucks to do the same, we love you endlessly. We finished the contest with close to 250 votes. We’re amazed and super grateful to all who helped us to get the word out. Unfortunately, though, we did not win the contest. Congratulations to the winner, Rachel P; and congratulations to all the artists chosen to be in the contest. Les Vinyl condones your listening to all of them. The contest taught us that we have to really step up our game as far as exposure to the NYC area outside of our own circle of friends. We want to entice strangers with our musical ear candy and coax them into our van (filled with Vinylos!). Poor attempt at a joke. And a really abstract one, at that. Anyway, huge thanks to all of you!!

Oh oh! We just wanted to scream like little girls and tell you that the Kevin Devine show featuring LV at Maxwell’s on December 17th is officially SOLD OUT. If you didn’t get your tickets yet, we’re sorry. You’re gonna miss quite a night. We’re so excited!!

Finally, a few other things happening soon:
-This Wednesday (11/24), we are playing at Cargo Cafe in Staten Island with Ghost Bunny and Paragraph to celebrate Thanksgiving Eve. It’s going to be an insane party, you should really be there.

-Saturday December 4th is the Mid-Evenings with Jay Miller Holiday Special. This show is near and dear to our hearts (considering Jenny is the Production Manager and Casey is a writer and prominent cast member!); if you haven’t seen the show yet, all episodes are up for free at www.midevenings.com. You’ll wanna buy your tickets for 12/4 about halfway through the first episode you watch, so get on that as soon as they become available.
-A day later (a whole day!) we’ll be playing Bar Matchless in BK. Night starts at 7pm, other acts TBA ASAP (BYOBFTB! [Buy your own beer from the bar])!
-LV starts recording a second album super soon! We have so many new songs that we love so much and can’t wait to show them off!

My fingers hurt from talking so much.
We love you! Happy Thanksgiving!
Les Vinyl (Jenny, Casey, Pat, Michael)

Phat Tuesday: Vote, Vote, Vote!

Hey everybody!

We’ve got some exciting news! This past week we were placed into a poll on the prestigious Deli Magazine web site! We need every single one of you to vote for us. Why? Because if we win, we get a big article about us and a giant top-banner with our picture on it for the entire month of December (+ other cool stuff)!

Show your love for Les Vinyl and go HERE and vote on the right side of the main page for Les Vinyl asap! Tell your friends, tell your enemies, tell complete strangers! We need everyone to get out the vote! You can vote once per IP address and voting ends on the 15th.

If we win we’ll definitely try and come up with some awesome way to thank you guys. We don’t know exactly what yet because this contest was very, and delightfully, impromptu; but if you’re somehow on the fence about voting, trust that if we win we’ll make it worth your while!

Big thanks to everyone who has voted so far! This race is WAY too close to give up now! So go VOTE VOTE VOTE!

PHAT TUESDAY: Free Music Downloads

Hey guys! We’ve got a very special Phat Tuesday for you because we’re giving you two FREE songs! FOR FREE!

Both are covers that were recorded way back over a year ago when we played The Greenbelt concert series for local radio station WSIA 88.9fm.

The first song is a cover of one of our favorite Matt Wilson songs, “Water.” If you haven’t heard Matt Wilson before, run (don’t walk) over to his website, www.mattwilsonmusic.com, and download some free music and give a listen.

The second song is a cover of the Animal Collective song “Doggy.” You can check them out here, but don’t steal any of their music because it’s not for free. ::cough torrents ::cough::

We hope you enjoy our covers and be sure to come out to the Wonder Bar in Asbury Park tonight and check us out there. We’ll also be playing the 17th at Union Hall, as well as December 17th at Maxwell’s with Kevin Devine (get your tickets for THAT here)

Download: Water (Matt Wilson Cover) -Les Vinyl

Download: Doggy (Animal Collective Cover) -Les Vinyl

PHAT TUESDAY: Kevin Devine Show At Maxwell’s In Hoboken

Hey guys (and gals)! Jenny here. I’ve come right through my keyboard directly to your faces to bring you some very important and incredibly exciting Les Vinyl news! Okay, are you ready? SERIOUSLY, don’t tell me you’re ready if you’re not! This isn’t a joke! (But I hope you’re laughing at this point anyway) Ok reallyreallyreally here we go:

The boys and girl of LV are proud to finally be able to announce that we are opening up for our very good friends Kevin Devine & The Goddamn Band at Maxwell’s in Hoboken on Friday, December 17th!!! We love KD and we’re thrilled he asked us to be a part of the party of the century. Aaaand we had an amazing show at Maxwell’s earlier this year so we are super psyched to go back there!

We would love for all of you to be there with us so get your tickets ASAP right here before they sell out. They will sell out! And here’s the reason why: KD & (most of) the original Goddamn Band are celebrating the Triple Crown Records reissues of “Make The Clocks Move” (out now) and “Split The Country, Split The Street” (out next month). This is a very special one-time affair!! (“Make the Clocks Move” is my personal favorite so I’m peeing myself with excitement!)

Also this past week, our good friends in The Seconds played a CMJ show at Rockwood Music Hall in NYC.

But their esteemed drummer, Joe Patches, could not make it for personal reasons; so Les Vinyl’s own Casey Jost stepped in for the day to take over and help them rock Rockwood.

Check it out here!!

Be sure to check back next week, as me and the boys are working on a very special video for you promoting all this cool stuff coming down the Les Vinyl pipe!

Stay awesome!

-Jenny (and Casey, Michael, & Pat in spirit)

PS Here’s Jenny & Mike in the 60s hanging out with Aziz Ansari before the Kanye hype:

PHAT TUESDAY: CMJ Week And Mike Pinho Video

Hey gang!

Over the past few month, Les Vinyl’s “Bright Gray” album has seen some serious airplay on the college circuit.

With the CMJ Festival this week, and Les Vinyl playing Cake Shop in NYC this week, the 23rd, at noon-ish for the Pop Tarts Suck Toasted showcase, we’d like to take this time to thank all of the college stations who have been playing Les Vinyl as well as all of the new fans who have been enjoying us being played on such big airplay supporters like WBWC [Ohio], KCWU [Washington], WOSP (Osprey Radio) [Florida], and WLFR [New Jersey] as well as a boatload more!

With your help we were able to chart at #188 on the CMJ 200!

Thanks so much for supporting us, guys! If you’d like to go the extra-mile to support us and send this to important people or are a college station or website looking for info on us, here is our brand-new one-sheet, which can also be found and downloaded on our “About” page.

As a thank you, here is a very special Phat Tuesday video. It’s a video clip of the song “Sink” from the Nafia Mail EP filmed by director Mike Pinho at Marie’s Gourmet in Staten Island during this year’s “Bright Gray” release party. It was on the site, like, five months ago for about a week and was then mysteriously taken off Vimeo.

But now it’s back for good! Enjoy!

Also, don’t forget Les Vinyl have a couple of other big shows coming up in November. On the 2nd the band is playing the Wonder Bar in Asbury Park, NJ and on the 17th will be playing Union Hall in NYC.

PHAT TUESDAY: Les Vinyl Deliver Food And Discuss CMJ