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Les Vinyl Get Jiggy With It

In case you missed the band’s awesome show in the Apple Store last week (in which case, shame on you), NY App-man extraordinaire, Craig Caruso, was on hand taking video.

FYI, Craig is currently in talks with us to create a Les Vinyl App for iPhones (you hip kids do like the iPhones, right?). So more to come on that as it develops.

Here is the clip very en vogue with most Les Vinyl shows: an impromptu bursting into a 90’s pop and/or rap song (specifically during “Sneezy”).

In other Les Vinyl news, you can now grab the Nafia Mail EP here on Bandcamp to get it for FREE with bonus cover art!

Thanks to all the awesome people who have signed-up for our mailing list! We promise to not abuse the power of your trust and only send you emails sparingly and in a timely fashion. In exchange we promise to keep you in our loop and provide you with more cool stuff in the future like more free music and whatnot.

Next, the awesome people over at the awesome club, Local 269, want Les Vinyl back for a THIRD time in a month! We really must be doing something right (or horribly, horribly wrong). The show is short-notice though, as in tomorrow night! So come support a great band and a great club and kick-off your weekend with Les Vinyl.

Also, our friends Steve Sachs, Matt Wilson, and VF_DOS_ have new musical releases/websites up. They support us, so you go support them.

Keep it fresh, ya’ll!

Les Vinyl’s ‘Bright Gray’ Release Party April 3rd

“Bright Gray” available now on the internet HERE

Les Vinyl Sidebar In This Week’s SI Advance

Local Journalist and music-beat reporter for the Staten Island Advance, Ben Johnson, recently wrote a nice sidebar to his main article on Ingrid Michaelson playing Snug Harbor March 6th (Les Vinyl will be the opening act). Buy your tickets here.

It’s safe to say the quartet, led by the humorous but far-from-sloppy Casey Jost, leans on some familiar indie rock ideas, like two-chord chorus hooks and danceable beats. But rhythm guitarist Jenny Miller, bassist Mike Carlo, and drummer Pat Given have something that might not be immediately noticed.

The songs themselves, perhaps best showcased in the cut “Far From New,” sound simple and open to the point of nearing naiveté, but are so well-crafted that you know they’re anything but. The tunes bounce and tumble, all under lyrics delivered effortlessly but remembered for the possibility of yet-un-plumbed depth.

Read the whole article here.

Upcoming Shows:

3/6 – Snug Harbor opening for Ingrid Michaelson in Staten Island, NY @ 7pm

3/8 – Village Lantern in Manhattan, NY @ 9:30pm (acoustic set)

3/11 – Fontana’s in Manhattan, NY @11pm

3/19 – Maxwell’s in Hoboken, NJ @ 10:30pm (with Paragraph)

3/20 – Pete’s Candy Store in Williamsburg, BK @ 9pm (with special guests Blurple)

“F For Effort” Demo/Upcoming Shows…

Hello everyone, the new album will be released soon enough (hopefully later this month). Here is a demo of a song, “F For Effort”, that will be on the NEXT Les Vinyl record to tide you over while you wait.

MP3: F For Effort (demo)

Also, this month kicks-off a mini-tour of sorts with shows rolling through Brooklyn, Manhattan, and a few local stops in Staten Island. More shows to even be announced later, so check back on the “Upcoming Shows” page (located on the top banner) often for new updated show listings.

1/13 – Pete’s Candy Store in Williamsburg, Brooklyn @ 11pm

1/15 – Cargo Cafe w/ Paragraph and In Buenos Aires in Staten Island, NY @ 10pm

1/20 – Spike Hill in Williamsburg, Brooklyn @ 8pm

1/23 — Lit Lounge w/ Conversion Party in Manhattan @ 9pm

2/4 – Arlene’s Grocery in Manhattan, NY @ 9pm

2/6 – Martini Red w/ Matt Wilson in Staten Island, NY @ 10pm

3/6 – Snug Harbor opening for Ingrid Michaelson in Staten Island, NY @ 7pm

Les Vinyl Has A Website?

It’s true!

Come back here as it becomes more fleshed-out and complete over the coming days and weeks to hear new songs, get show updates, and tons frequent and timely updates on all things Les Vinyl.

Les Vinyl is extremely excited and honored to be playing the 8th Annual Monty Love Xmas Spectacular tonight at Dock St! It’s all ages, 7pm, $6 with a flier. Sure, they’re going to be amazing, but so will the other bands. Not to be missed!

Les Vinyl will also be kicking off the upcoming new year by releasing a new album, TBA, and playing the following shows in the month of January with more dates to be added soon:

1/13 – Pete’s Candy Store in Williamsburg, Brooklyn @ 10pm

1/20- Spike Hill in Williamsburg, Brooklyn @ 8pm

To celebrate the launch of the site, take a listen to (and download FOR FREE!!!) some Les Vinyl tracks by clicking here.

As if that wasn’t enough, you can stream the entire “Open Sooning EP” for free via the music player on the right-hand side of the site.