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PHAT TUESDAY: Free Music Downloads

Hey guys! We’ve got a very special Phat Tuesday for you because we’re giving you two FREE songs! FOR FREE!

Both are covers that were recorded way back over a year ago when we played The Greenbelt concert series for local radio station WSIA 88.9fm.

The first song is a cover of one of our favorite Matt Wilson songs, “Water.” If you haven’t heard Matt Wilson before, run (don’t walk) over to his website, www.mattwilsonmusic.com, and download some free music and give a listen.

The second song is a cover of the Animal Collective song “Doggy.” You can check them out here, but don’t steal any of their music because it’s not for free. ::cough torrents ::cough::

We hope you enjoy our covers and be sure to come out to the Wonder Bar in Asbury Park tonight and check us out there. We’ll also be playing the 17th at Union Hall, as well as December 17th at Maxwell’s with Kevin Devine (get your tickets for THAT here)

Download: Water (Matt Wilson Cover) -Les Vinyl

Download: Doggy (Animal Collective Cover) -Les Vinyl


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