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PHAT TUESDAY: Kevin Devine Show At Maxwell’s In Hoboken

Hey guys (and gals)! Jenny here. I’ve come right through my keyboard directly to your faces to bring you some very important and incredibly exciting Les Vinyl news! Okay, are you ready? SERIOUSLY, don’t tell me you’re ready if you’re not! This isn’t a joke! (But I hope you’re laughing at this point anyway) Ok reallyreallyreally here we go:

The boys and girl of LV are proud to finally be able to announce that we are opening up for our very good friends Kevin Devine & The Goddamn Band at Maxwell’s in Hoboken on Friday, December 17th!!! We love KD and we’re thrilled he asked us to be a part of the party of the century. Aaaand we had an amazing show at Maxwell’s earlier this year so we are super psyched to go back there!

We would love for all of you to be there with us so get your tickets ASAP right here before they sell out. They will sell out! And here’s the reason why: KD & (most of) the original Goddamn Band are celebrating the Triple Crown Records reissues of “Make The Clocks Move” (out now) and “Split The Country, Split The Street” (out next month). This is a very special one-time affair!! (“Make the Clocks Move” is my personal favorite so I’m peeing myself with excitement!)

Also this past week, our good friends in The Seconds played a CMJ show at Rockwood Music Hall in NYC.

But their esteemed drummer, Joe Patches, could not make it for personal reasons; so Les Vinyl’s own Casey Jost stepped in for the day to take over and help them rock Rockwood.

Check it out here!!

Be sure to check back next week, as me and the boys are working on a very special video for you promoting all this cool stuff coming down the Les Vinyl pipe!

Stay awesome!

-Jenny (and Casey, Michael, & Pat in spirit)

PS Here’s Jenny & Mike in the 60s hanging out with Aziz Ansari before the Kanye hype:


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