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Phat Tuesday: Vote, Vote, Vote!

Hey everybody!

We’ve got some exciting news! This past week we were placed into a poll on the prestigious Deli Magazine web site! We need every single one of you to vote for us. Why? Because if we win, we get a big article about us and a giant top-banner with our picture on it for the entire month of December (+ other cool stuff)!

Show your love for Les Vinyl and go HERE and vote on the right side of the main page for Les Vinyl asap! Tell your friends, tell your enemies, tell complete strangers! We need everyone to get out the vote! You can vote once per IP address and voting ends on the 15th.

If we win we’ll definitely try and come up with some awesome way to thank you guys. We don’t know exactly what yet because this contest was very, and delightfully, impromptu; but if you’re somehow on the fence about voting, trust that if we win we’ll make it worth your while!

Big thanks to everyone who has voted so far! This race is WAY too close to give up now! So go VOTE VOTE VOTE!

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