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Some Updates Before We All Go Home For Thanksgiving

Clearly, performing on top of this giant turkey is our next logical goal. Vinylos, you have your orders.

Dearest Les Vinyl-ites, we have much news and information to share with you. First things first, what do you think of “Les Vinyl-ites?” It’s a little weird, right? We’re trying to work on a good collective fan name. I mean, even ICP has their juggalos, we ought to have Vinylos. Vinylos!

Ok, more serious business. We would like to seriously thank everyone who voted for us in the Deli Magazine NYC Band of the Month contest. If you were one of the many people who voted from your home, work, and friend’s computers, and then forced your friends to do the same thing, and then forced strangers at Starbucks to do the same, we love you endlessly. We finished the contest with close to 250 votes. We’re amazed and super grateful to all who helped us to get the word out. Unfortunately, though, we did not win the contest. Congratulations to the winner, Rachel P; and congratulations to all the artists chosen to be in the contest. Les Vinyl condones your listening to all of them. The contest taught us that we have to really step up our game as far as exposure to the NYC area outside of our own circle of friends. We want to entice strangers with our musical ear candy and coax them into our van (filled with Vinylos!). Poor attempt at a joke. And a really abstract one, at that. Anyway, huge thanks to all of you!!

Oh oh! We just wanted to scream like little girls and tell you that the Kevin Devine show featuring LV at Maxwell’s on December 17th is officially SOLD OUT. If you didn’t get your tickets yet, we’re sorry. You’re gonna miss quite a night. We’re so excited!!

Finally, a few other things happening soon:
-This Wednesday (11/24), we are playing at Cargo Cafe in Staten Island with Ghost Bunny and Paragraph to celebrate Thanksgiving Eve. It’s going to be an insane party, you should really be there.

-Saturday December 4th is the Mid-Evenings with Jay Miller Holiday Special. This show is near and dear to our hearts (considering Jenny is the Production Manager and Casey is a writer and prominent cast member!); if you haven’t seen the show yet, all episodes are up for free at www.midevenings.com. You’ll wanna buy your tickets for 12/4 about halfway through the first episode you watch, so get on that as soon as they become available.
-A day later (a whole day!) we’ll be playing Bar Matchless in BK. Night starts at 7pm, other acts TBA ASAP (BYOBFTB! [Buy your own beer from the bar])!
-LV starts recording a second album super soon! We have so many new songs that we love so much and can’t wait to show them off!

My fingers hurt from talking so much.
We love you! Happy Thanksgiving!
Les Vinyl (Jenny, Casey, Pat, Michael)


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